Hunan is traversed by mountain ranges with a river running through the land, and has nurtured talent and culture throughout its long history, calling to mind a hidden jade treasure in South Central China, standing apart from the surrounding world.

The project comprises The Cultural Town, Technology Town, Forest Town, Agricultural Town and five theme parks.

It has become the national demonstration model for development of the agriculture, manufacturing and service industry links and city-industry integration and presents to the world a city offering the best of Hunan’s rich cultural heritage.


Hengyang DreamEast Resort is located in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China. Hengyang is also known as “Yancheng – the City of Wild Geese,” a historical city with a truly fascinating cultural and natural heritage set amidst beautiful scenery on the southern face of Heng Mountain. It is the true origin of the rich culture of Huxiang.

HENGYANG DREAMEAST RESORT to Guangzhou = 3.5 hrs


Blessed with a wonderful mountainous landscape, waters and farms, Hengyang DreamEast Resort sits on an aggregate area of approximately 16,000 mu. The Chinese-style resort destination has been designed and developed to boast a combination of ecological, humanistic and leisure experiences. The overall planning of the project comprises four towns and five parks. The former consists of the Cultural Town, Technology Town, Forest Town and Agricultural Town, while the five theme parks to be constructed include an adventure park, a water park, Valt The Wonder Deer Kingdom, a farming park and a modern sport park.

Cultural Town: A culture- and leisure-focused town that fully reflects the essence of Huxiang culture, it includes Dream of the Ancient Town of Xiang Area, an adventure park, a water park and Valt The Wonder Deer Kingdom. Visitors can therefore sense the enduring charm of Huxiang culture as part of their leisure and entertainment interludes.

Forest Town: Capitalizing on the various ecological resources, including forests, mountains, reservoirs and vegetation, a premium destination will be built offering leisure, sports, creativity and resorts. Correspondingly, there will be a wide range of amenities, such as a peninsula entrepreneurs’ clubhouse, guesthouse and inn, cultural and creative zone and outdoor sports facilities.

Agricultural Town: Highlighted by traditional, rural and agricultural cultures, and the combination of arts, experiential learning, personal exchanges, and smart and leisure farming, the town will be set among a beautiful countryside and developed into a modern and new type of rural tourism destination where the human spirit is at its core.

Technology Town: Adjacent to Heng Mountain Science City and amid a natural lake, the town is to be developed into a model high-end resort.

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On 10 August 2017, Hengyang DreamEast Resort ground breaking ceremony was held, which officially marking the start of construction of Phase I of the project.


Phase I of Hengyang DreamEast Resort mainly includes Dream of the Ancient Town.

Dream of the Ancient Town of Xiang Area: Underpinned by Huxiang’s academic, water transport and religious cultures, the town will be developed to include three core areas, namely, a beautiful cluster that forms the Four Seasons Academy; a splendid waterfront cultural street; and the first cultural area to concurrently feature Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. It will also include three theme-based museums, namely, Hunan Cuisine Museum, Famous People Museum and Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. With culture at its core, the town will serve as an integrated cultural, leisure and entertainment destination that features dining, entertainment, academy, and theater elements and unique accommodations.

Local Culture

  • Millennium Academy

    Hengyang is the root of Huxiang culture and more importantly the source of China’s academy culture. The Millennium Academy culture formed a solid foundation for the development of the influential Huxiang culture. The great Zeng Guofan praised the ancient academy of Hengyang as “The academies in China were flourishing during the Ancient Chu period; and the academies during Ancient Chu period was mostly flourishing in Hengyang”. The Four Seasons Academy at the Hengyang DreamEast Resort presents this cultural excellence and preserves the legacy of Huxiang tradition.

  • Fascinating Intangible Cultural Heritage

    The diverse intangible cultural heritage in Hengyang features the beauty of ancient aspects in Huxiang culture. World intangible cultural heritage activities such as the Hengshan shadow puppet show and the national intangible cultural heritage performances and items such as the Hengyang Xiang Opera and Qi Opera, Cailun's ancient papermaking technology, Hengzhou Flower Drum Opera and the Qidong Yu Drum are timeless classics that showcase the distinctive enchanting culture.

  • Delicacies in Hengyang

    As the saying goes, a man must come to Hengyang if he wants to taste the real Hunan cuisine. With a history of more than 2,200 years, Hengyang is one of the historical sources of Hunan food culture. Dream of Hunan Tourist Resort has been designed to include a Hundred Feast Food Street, a Hunan Cuisine Museum, etc. No matter the dishes on offer in the city or the savory snacks in side lanes or the delicious cuisine in rural area, through these delights visitors can truly learn about the history and culture of Hunan cuisine while enjoying local delicacies