DREAM EAST JIASHAN is a blissful marriage of the beauty and bounty of Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River), a water village of typical Jiangnan ambience that embodies benevolence. It is a place where one can bask in the best of technology and traditional and modern culture, and enjoy excellence in leisure with tourism and entertainment features.


DREAM EAST JIASHAN is an idyllic place in Jiashan County in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, in the Greater Shanghai region of China. Ideally nestled on the Hangjiahu Plain, southeast of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiashan County is on a vast and mountain-less expanse, a way from the sea, naturally endowed with fertile soil and mild and warm weathers. With citizens living lives in abundance, Jiashan placed among the nation’s top one-hundred counties with the best comprehensive advantages.

DREAM EAST JIASHAN to Shanghai = 20 mins
DREAM EAST JIASHAN to Beijing = 6 hrs


DREAM EAST JIASHAN has a total site area of approximately 1,400 mu.

The project is to be developed in three phases. Phase I will primarily involve construction of a “living room of the city”. Phase II and Phase III will result in the creation of a water village that incorporates key characteristics of the centuries-old Wuyue culture. Correspondingly, the history and development of Jiangnan water village will serve as reference for connecting different periods of Wuyue culture, which in turn will lead to the creation of a town that showcases Wuyue history.

The project will utilize the world’s most advanced technologies and leverage the Internet to create an innovative model which allows visitors to transform themselves into participants in the operation of the resort area. The project aims to arouse the senses through visual and experiential stimulation, making Wuyue culture visible, felt and sensed by visitors, so that they can appreciate its tremendous charm and enjoy its spirituality and benevolence during their visit.

At last,
a dream comes true
the water village
of Wuyue



On 9 August 2017, DREAM EAST JIASHAN groundbreaking ceremony was held, which officially marked the start of construction of Phase I of the project.


Phase I of DREAM EAST JIASHAN mainly involves developing the concept of “living room of the city”.

LIVING ROOM OF THE CITY: It will comprise a variety of businesses, including FEC family entertainment center, Valt The Wonder Deer Children’s Theatre, Wuyue Cultural Center, Valt The Wonder Deer Family Hotel, and theme-based commercial street that address tourists’ desire for high-quality resort living.

Local Culture

  • Romantic Temple Fair

    The traditional Jiashan Temple Fair once carried peoples’ aspirations for a wonderful life. Today, it has been given a new cultural connotation synonymous with romance and happiness. Jiashan Temple Fair also offers a good opportunity for visitors to explore local customs and directly experience the wonderful Wuyue culture.

  • Refined Opera

    Jiaxing thrives on aspects of its rich intangible cultural heritage such as the Haining shadow puppet show and the Haiyan Tone. The latter originated in the Chenghua reign during the Ming Dynasty and hence has a long history. Its gentle and refined tone pleasing to the ear renders it an authentic and prominent icon of the traditional Chinese culture. Kun Opera, also a world intangible cultural heritage item, has its roots in Haiyan Tone, further testimony to its profound influence in Chinese culture.

  • Nanhu crab roe

    Nanhu at Jiaxing is one of the three major lakes in Zhejiang Province. A part of the waterway network of Zhejiang, Nanhu is abound with fish and crabs and the latter particularly are the most succulent to eat in autumn every year. The tasty and aromatic “Nanhu crab roe” with snowy white meat and orange crab roe is a pride delicacy Jiaxing has to offer to the gourmet palate.