8 January 2019

Recently, DreamEast and Tencent establish a cooperation to together build an offline Little Penguin Paradise experience centre for kids. Availing both on- and offline experience of diverse contents and innovative interaction, the centre will give its young visitors new experiences that stimulate their senses, and are entertaining as well as educational. For DreamEast, the project not only proves that its strength in IP operation is well-recognized, but also marks another important breakthrough it managed in turning its new entertainment concept into reality.

Little Penguin Paradise

A video application for kids launched by Tencent Video in June 2016, Little Penguin Paradise offers ample quality content and great user experiences. As such, it became a leader in the kids’ video sector in just a year and a half after hitting the market. Dedicated to providing quality content and experience, Tencent Video has chosen to partner with its like mind DreamEast Group, which boasts profound experience in online IP development and operation, as well as in building offline theme parks, to develop the experience centre. 

In November last year, to help it fully prepare and come up with the best layout plans for the Little Penguin Paradise experience centre, DreamEast brought under the same roof experts in psychology, from penguin reserves and the best design companies in the world to pick their brains for ideas and insights.

DreamEast Group is committed to bringing new elements and its “all-IP” concept to the entertainment market, marrying on- and offline resources to create unique heart-touching experiences. The home of the new facility, DreamEast Jiashan is an iconic project that adopts the all-IP concept and champions a number of “first”, including the world’s first theme park built around outdoor landscape, the world’s first offline Valt the Wonder Deer Experience Centre, the world’s first kids’ theatre that allows members of the audience to select the programs they like and the first real family holiday resort in China. And, Tencent Video’s Little Penguin Paradise will come with rich quality content and user base resources. Combining on- and offline experience, it will not only provide more entertainment elements that give children pleasant surprises and learning experience, but is also set to become a guidepost for children’s theme parks around the world.

Design of DreamEast Jiashan

New entertainment is the trend of the cultural industry and top-notch IP is at the heart of the developing industry. The partnership between DreamEast and Tencent’s Little Penguin Paradise will spark new ideas for children’s park, allow cultural and industrial values to merge in complement, bring stronger economic and social benefits, and serve as an example of innovation for others in the developing cultural industry to emulate.