Little Penguin Diary

29 Nov 2018

On 29th November, 2018, the Global Creative Division of Dream East Group organized a creative kick-off meeting for “Little Penguin Paradise ” in Beijing. There are four key works confirmed in the meeting.
Firstly, invite psychological experts to consult children’s favorite under the age of 6, learn children happiness and understand parents‘ concern.
Secondly, comprehend penguin categories around the globe and interview local penguin protection organizations to understand characteristics of each kind of penguin.
Thirdly, establish the emotional connection between children and little penguin. Let children make friends with penguins. Bond Tencent Video, little penguin, children and parents all together.
Fourthly, involve and integrate global top designing firms to further discuss planning and designing.
We are determined to create a children entertainment park filled with knowledge and happiness. Let the Little Penguin Paradise be the most desired place for children.